Retro Accessories – Sunroof

 Retro Accessories – Sunroof

“sun roof” from the automotive universe can be part of the roofing made from metal or glass plates which may be opened, either in the shape of manufactured or altered. This mechanism creates light or outdoors can openly come in the space within the vehicle.

Sun roof mechanism will come in 2 kinds; electric and manual.

Sun roof can be offered in a number of shapes and types. Specifically, in Indonesia, but the form of sun roofs which can be found is “Spoiler sun roof”.

If it’s opened, the board will slip roof. Its framework size is within the sort of the board of plates which opens. Due to its size is relatively small, it’s generally installed on the auto type of automobile. Its setup is straightforward and quick. Only slice on the roofing predicated on the magnitude of this roofing framework. It doesn’t call for re-roof paint.

Sun roof also grows based on the improvements of technology. Currently, a few manufacturers of sun roof make use of the glass board, in the place of a metallic plate. Such a sun roof is called moon-roof. The gap of inbuilt sunroof and spoiler sun roof is by the opening movement, which slips right into the roofing (involving your roofing and ceiling liner stuff).

In general, ostensibly, sun roof has been split into several types. Some are

  1. popup sun roof
  2. spoiler sun roof
  3. inbuilt sunroof
  4. folding sunroof
  5. top-mount sliding sun roof
  6. and scenic roof


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