Sunroof installation

 Sunroof installation

A sun roof is an movable glass panel that’s operable to find a opening in a automobile’s roof, allowing fresh or light air to go into the passenger seat. Sun roofs are manually controlled or engine driven. Sun roofs are of fantastic value in American and European states however to get a country such as India, it has more of the attachment to bulge the cool thing of an auto. Sun roofs are normally a common fitment in luxury and higher end cars but they’re so on finding making way into funding cars and find few steps of sunroof installation.

Quite recently Auto-rounders installed sun roofs in couple cars and we’re getting to share with you the comprehensive installation means of a sun roof.

There are just three kinds of sun roofs to pick from according to the vehicle type and character of the purchaser.

1)Pop upward Sun Roof:
Pop-up sun roofs are only a by hand controlled tilting panel. These panels are usually removable and have to be stowed once removed. They truly are the most economical & most reputable option of sun roofs.

2) Spoiler Sun Roof:

Spoiler sun roofs tilt to port and slip open above the roof, requiring modest head room or roof duration. Spoilers do not provide too large an opening along with additional roofing systems but provide capability of a self-storing panel. Many spoiler roofs are all electric, using optional features like incorporated sunshade and 1 touch open and close functionality.

3) in Built Sun Roof:

The inbuilt sunroofs’s own a board that slides between your metallic roofing and inner headliner, requiring a lack in head room however providing the complete opening from the roof. All of inbuilt’s slide within the roofing, while others have a lean function. They would be the most superior and costly kind of sun roof.


Setup for a popup sun roof takes over 4 hours whereas it requires at the least 67 hours for installing a power spoiler sunroof. Installing that an in built sun roof takes approximately daily.

Setup procedure

Primarily the automobile roof is washed thoroughly to remove dirt and dirt that could hamper the setup procedure. Post cleanup a dummy sun roof decal is glued on the top of the vehicle from outside to produce all the mandatory markers and dimensions. The very first pair of drilling is performed on the top to correct a dummy sun roof out of the interior and mend it with screws with the dummy in addition to the roofing.

Article all orientation and dimensions of the main process starts I.e: trimming of this roofing. The headliner is trimmed then your metallic roofing is cut on the grounds of these marks and dimensions made with extreme precision.

A appears sun roof becomes done at the actions cited previously however also for a power sun roof the principal challenge continues to be pending I.e: the pipe’s part.

At the finishing the setup process the sunroof installation are created to pass on a water flow test.A water flow evaluation is essential to assess whether there’s a leakage from the newly installed sun roof.

On successfully draining the essential evaluations the sun roofs are good to increase the appearances & style announcement of the automobile having an additional feeling of reliability. All that the Webasto sunroofs include a warranty that further sweetens the price also brings a feeling of peace of the mind.


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