moon roof installation

 moon roof installation

Recently get an automobile without a sunroof/moonroof, but need you? What could? be much better than feeling sunlight on your own skin and breathing outdoors every time you get to drive? Installing a roof adds style for your car, increases your Luxurious value and provides you with an even far more spacious and roomier driving experience!

Full-feature Inbuilt Sunroof

  •     Power in Built sunroof
  •     exceptionally protective plastic panel keeps out UV rays and warmth
  •     Interior color-matched slipping sunshade
  •     Illuminated, Soft-touch ® change
  •     Closes automatically when the ignition has been switched
  •     The Integral security system, anti-pinch, stops closure when an item is discovered

Spoiler Sunroof

  •     highly protective automotive glass panel prevents UV rays and warmth
  •     Wind-deflector for optimal aerodynamics and sound loss
  •     Closes automatically when the ignition has been switched
  •     Available with regular Rollo Sun-shade


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