What Is a Panoramic Sunroof?

 What Is a Panoramic Sunroof?

Sun roofs are an upgrade option in vehicles for decades, so allowing drivers with no windows available to acquire additional air. Sun roofs are an even more vehicle perk and therefore so are featured on many vehicles.

In most cases, a sun roof is a sun roof which covers so the bulk of it, or the roof of a car. It is bigger when compared to the usual sunroof and might be clear or tinted.

Sun roofs are produced from each panel of numerous or glass panels.

After the roofing opens, the more type that is single-panel will slide toward the rear of the car or truck. From the other variation, the panels may probably pile up on each opening. Unlike sun roofs, a sun roof does not evaporate within the roof of the vehicle, since there’s not room.

Available Models

Sun roofs are generally seen on luxury cars like the Maybach, however, may also be becoming widespread amongst us vehicles like Cadillac SRX SUV, Malibu Maxx along with the Pontiac G6. They are sometimes a to various vehicles.


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